What services should you hire me to provide for you? Let's find out what you really need before you make any big decisions...

Start With A Discovery Meeting

Whether you're looking for investment management along with financial planning or you want guidance on some specific questions, all prospective clients are encouraged to schedule a convenient time for a no cost, no obligation in-person or online meeting or phone call to help us determine if there's a good fit. We can talk as long as you'd like to determine whether the services and expertise I can provide will be valuable to you. And, of course, since it's a long-term relationship we may be starting, it's important to know that the chemistry is there, too! You can work with me as a full-service client with both financial planning and investment management OR on a two-hour project basis:

Financial Planning With Investment Management

Financial Planning Areas Covered Include

• Cash flow analysis and lifestyle needs, goals
• Balance sheet and net worth statement
• Spending plan (budget) analysis
• Investment review and recommendations
• Retirement plan analysis
• Insurance review and recommendations
• Ongoing support and guidance for financial concerns or questions as they arise
• Meeting and/or talking by phone or email as often as you'd find helpful and reassuring

Investment Management

• We believe in making sure you have ample cash reserves available (whether at your bank or under your mattress), because having enough cash on hand is key to maintaining a successful long-term investment plan
• We have an easy to explain, easy to understand approach to investing and leave untested, clever or cutting edge investing strategies or products to others
• We want to be sensitive to taxes and investment costs, so that you keep more of what you earn
• If you already have investments that are working well for you, we can incorporate them into your investment strategy (it doesn't make sense to fix what isn't broken)
• You'll have access to a wide range of investments, investment strategies and financial products, so we can match the right kinds of solutions to your financial needs
• You're not one-size-fits-all and your investments shouldn't be either, so your portfolio and investment strategies will be tailored to suit what works for you
• You'll keep learning more and more as we go, because I want you to experience more joy and more confidence around your money

 Two-hour Question-driven Financial Consultation

If you have an area or two of concern and just want answers to your questions, a two-hour project-based consultation may be exactly what you need. For these two hours the agenda is totally yours. We can address the specific areas that are important to you, and we'll discuss ahead of time what you'll need to bring with you. This two-hour session is a working session, so we'll just get right down to business and you'll leave with workable solutions to your concerns.

Some Examples of Areas Covered

• An in-depth review of your investments and investment strategies
• Evaluation of your 401(k), 403(b), defined benefit or other qualified retirement plans
• Analysis of lump sum versus a lifetime annuity options
• Creation of a budget that supports your goals and needs
• Evaluate how you'll handle your long-term healthcare expenses
• Prepare a retirement cash flow analysis
• Review of life and LTC policies and fixed, indexed and variable annuity contracts
• Another financial topic of your choice

 Two-hour Review & Second Opinion

Maybe all you need at this point is reassurance that you're headed in the right direction, or perhaps you're questioning a recommendation you've been given. You want another set of eyes to look something over, providing you with very thorough and thoughtful analysis so that you can move forward with confidence. The two-hour intensive second opinion session is just what you need.

And it's all about getting (and staying!) organized with your finances

As a client you'll also enjoy and benefit from access to one of the most powerful personal organizing tools available, your own personal secure financial website. Take a moment to watch this short video - getting and staying organized is now even easier than you'd imagined!