Going through a divorce is a painful, stressful and often traumatic process. At the same time, it’s critically important to your future well-being that you don’t allow the myriad financial issues to get pushed aside. You're regaining a sense of balance in your life, and gaining more confidence around your finances can be tremendously empowering. If you're feeling like not having to go it alone would make a difference for you, than this is the best time to bring some focus and clarity to your financial picture. To achieve this, we will design a workable financial plan that will not only help you ensure you're on solid financial footing, but also help you regain a sense of balance and more control around your finances. Among the things we'll accomplish together will be to 

  • find ways to enhance your savings or increase your income
  • review your current investments and provide investment management to help you reach your retirement goals
  • review life insurance you currently own and consider strategies for increasing or reducing premiums or coverage
  • review any employee benefits and help you with financial decisions involving those benefits
  • review your estate plans and planning documents or help you determine what you'll need in the future
  • consider strategies for addressing your future healthcare and long-term care costs