Finding yourself on your own after years of having shared finances, accounts and financial decision-making can be difficult, whether that was by chance or by choice and whether you had time to prepare or not. Having to go it alone on financial matters can be difficult under the best of circumstances, but especially hard when you don’t feel as knowledgeable or confident as you’d like to be.

If you've been widowed you need a level of support, guidance and expertise different from someone who's not facing the emotional and financial challenges that follow such a profound loss. Many women who've been widowed want to work with an advisor who can not only help them navigate the many financial issues that will arise, but who understands their needs and concerns on a deeper level. If you want that kind of advisory relationship, I will

  • help you determine whether your current investments are too risky, too conservative or just right
  • help you gain certainty about your ability to meet your financial needs
  • help you with investment strategies and management to provide more income and reduce taxes
  • review life insurance you own so you can decide how to use it most effectively
  • guide you through any Social Security benefits questions
  • review or recommend estate planning documents and estate plans
  • help you with strategies for handling future healthcare and long-term care costs

Going through a divorce is a painful, stressful and often traumatic process. At the same time, it’s critically important to your future well-being that you don’t allow the myriad financial issues to get pushed aside. You're regaining a sense of balance in your life, and gaining more confidence around your finances can be tremendously empowering. If you're feeling like not having to go it alone would make a difference for you, than this is the best time to bring some focus and clarity to your financial picture. To achieve this, I will work with you to

  • recommend ways to enhance your savings or increase your income
  • review your current investments and provide investment management to help you reach your retirement goals
  • review life insurance you currently own and consider strategies for increasing or reducing premiums or coverage
  • review employee benefits and help you with financial decisions involving those benefits
  • review your estate plans and planning documents or help you determine what you'll need in the future
  • consider strategies for addressing your future healthcare and long-term care costs