You're making financial decisions every day that will impact your retirement lifestyle. And it's so important that the path you're on is a good one because you'll have less time and fewer opportunities to get it right, so it's essential that you have a plan designed especially for you.

You want to feel more secure, calm and confident about your finances at this critical time, so I will

  • help you prioritize your retirement goals today and as they evolve over time
  • recommend ways to improve your current income or future income potential
  • provide investment strategies and investment management that help support your retirement and income goals
  • help you plan the best time to claim your Social Security benefits
  • review your life insurance policies and provide strategies for reducing premiums, increasing coverage  or find other ways to make use of them
  • discuss income plans for the surviving spouse should one of you die prematurely
  • review or recommend estate planning documents to meet your particular needs
  • consider your options for addressing future healthcare and long-term care costs