You might be the financial manager for your family because it’s something you enjoy. Or maybe your spouse has been handling it all along but you want to know you'll be okay if one day you're on your own. Or you just prefer an advisory relationship where you'd both feel more comfortable.

Whether you’re confident about managing your finances but are pressed for time and want to work alongside a knowledgeable and experienced Certified Financial Planner™ professional, or you’re not at all sure what to do, I'll help you

  • organize your finances so you're clear on what you have, where it is and how it works 
  • find ways to improve your savings or increase your income potential
  • make sure your investments are working for you with investment strategies and management designed to help you reach your retirement goals
  • decide if it makes sense to increase or decrease your life insurance coverage or reduce your premiums
  • review your employee benefits to make sure you're getting the most out of them
  • review your estate plans and planning documents to make sure they're current or help you obtain the documents that will meet your needs
  • plan for your future healthcare and long-term care costs