Whether you’re leaving your current job because your company is down-sizing, right-sizing or outsourcing or because you’ve found a new position, there are some important decisions to be made about what to do with your retirement savings and any company benefits that may be portable. Before you make decisions that could affect your retirement lifestyle and financial security, you’ll want to first determine the impact your new circumstances will have on your financial situation. You want to better understand the financial impact of changing jobs or dealing with a job loss and I will

  • help you organize your finances
  • analyze the impact of income and expense
  • changes to your current needs and retirement goals
  • recommend ways to enhance your savings or increase your income potential
  • provide investment strategies and management to help you meet your current financial needs, as well as your future needs
  • evaluate pros and cons of moving your 401(k) or 403(b) plan to your new employer, if allowed, or moving it to an IRA rollover account 
  • help you determine which employee benefits may be portable and worth maintaining
  • review your new benefits package to help you make smart decisions
  • recommend retirement planning opportunities inside and outside of corporate plans