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My clients want to know three things:

Am I making the smartest financial decisions I could be making? 

Will my money last me for the rest of my life?

How and where do I even begin?!?

Let's talk

Draw upon your wisdom, intuition, strength and emotions and WISE wealth planning happens. 

Many of my clients are women who've had limited opportunities to be meaningfully engaged with their finances, whether because someone else took the lead or they simply never had the time or the inclination to pay much attention to their finances.

But then something happened. They were widowed or knew that one day they'd be on their own. Or they'd gone through a divorce. Or they're contemplating retirement. Some are married and have primary responsibility for family finances but just never had the confidence or counsel they wanted. They all wanted to be more in control of their financial lives, with guidance they could trust from someone fully invested in their well-being.   

Does any of this sound at all familiar? If it does, then planningWISE Women's Financial Advisory is expressly designed for you.

What matters more than financial information?

Financial wisdom


Why can't investing be straightforward?

It can be


How can I know that I'll be financially secure?

Start with sound planning


"I want you to know that you can manage your financial life successfully, because you know more than you think you do. You already know how to make sound decisions in other areas of your life, for yourself and those you love. You just need to connect with the right advisor with the right resources to provide the needed support."

Looking for a way to just kind of get your feet wet and learn a little more first?

Savvy Women, Smart Money can be a good place to start. There you'll find some basic information about financial planning, some personal finance strategies and lots of confidence boosting content.

If financialese isn't your first language but you want to know more and be more proactive with your finances, Savvy Women, Smart Money can help. If you want to stop committing random acts of finance and be more purposeful in your approach, you'll feel right at home here.

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